An end to your Excel woes, the Excel keyboard

by Dhiram Shah

If you use Excel a lot then the Excel keyboard from Ideazone is just for you. There are tons of keyboard shortcuts for Excel but it is simply not possible to remember each and every one of those key combinations. The Excel keyboard has most of the important shortcuts labelled which you can use easily. The keyboard is an “extended” keyboard, with the newer keys above the F keys. The keys that let you control your media player sound or open the calculator. Download the drivers and you get 12 additional Macros attached to the Function key. Hit the “Bar Lock” key, and you now have one-button access to Autosum, Sort Ascending, Sort Descending, Freeze Panes, Insert Cells, etc. Hit the Pad Lock button and you have 17 powerful macros attached to the numeric keypad. They didn’t forget VBA programmers – Pad-8 will bring up the Watch Window.

But what if you dont want to use Excel ? The keyboard comes in two pieces, there is a base with all the electronics and then a keyset with the Excel keys. Just remove the Excel keyset and add the Word keyset, or your favourite game’s keyset.
It is available for $ 25 at Ideazone. Via – Xataka

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