An HP mouse that packs what the iPhone 5 lacks and other accessories

by Gareth Mankoo

NFC remains an unchecked item on the checklist of many Apple fans. Yet, those who love the good old PC have reason to celebrate because they can now avail of the convenient benefits of the technology with this awesome mouse from HP. The mouse uses NFC to enable ‘touch-to-pair’ functionality. Pretty impressive if you ask me. To add to this bucket of awesome recent accessory releases, the company also released the X6000 mouse with a 4-way tilt scrolling function and usability on surfaces such as glass. They topped it up with the Wireless X4500 and X5500 mice releases.

The NFC mouse will cost you $39 when it arrives in November, the X6000 comes in this month fort $59 along with the X4500 and X5500 mice that will cost you $29 and $39, respectively. HP went on to introduce more cool accessories, including a $29 Wireless Classic Desktop Keyboard, a $49 Wireless Elite v2, a $79 HP Portable Bluetooth Speaker, a universal power adapter and a 1080p HD video shooter.


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