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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport creates(partially) pseudo natural landscape for its travelers

by ruchi

Whosoever said ‘money can’t buy everything’ probably didn’t live upto this day to see the huge deal our green bills can buy. When we can’t have something directly from their natural source, we leap onto the prowess of money and other things, and try to create it for ourselves. It has happened over and over again, and the recent ‘Airport Park’ at the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport further proves my point. This park intends to create a natural setting for those who are bored of seeing the fancy glass structures or the concrete webs at the airports.

The artificial landscape here has ivy-covered furniture, live trees which are over 100 years old and relaxing animal sounds breathing around. Since taming real butterflies would be unfair, they have created virtual replicas here by using projectors. The park is a unique space in itself and it really strives to cut itself from the airport scenario. To further accentuate the experience, they have chucked the airport food here and have organic food with fair trade coffee on their shelves. You wouldn’t find any electric points to juice up your gadgets. You can hop onto the stationary bikes for that. Also, it brings delight of fresh air and a good breather from the closed airconditioned environment owing its actual outdoor terrace. Some might rebuke this and call it a theme park right in the middle of an airport. But we are really not complaining, because this concept actively does something way beyond than appeasing to your shopaholic streaks.

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