Amplify your earphone output with Trembo Trunks

by Gareth Mankoo

Say goodbye to all those troublesome outing experiences where the sound of the wilderness completely overshadowed the output of your expensive earphones. The Trembo Trunks are here to make sure that your music reaches ears of those you want it to, without cranking up volume knobs beyond their threshold and all the jarring that follows. These are basically rubber speakers that help you amplify sounds coming out of your regular headphones. These do not require any power to operate. All you have to do is plug these rugged, durable and effective cups on your headphone and enjoy some good music. The sound played through them can be amplified by up to 80 decibels.

Kickstarter is currently giving the innovation its initial market. A couple of designers fro Australia came up with the idea of these Trembo Trunks. It may well be the smartest moves in audio physics we’ve seen for a while.

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