America embraces the most efficient EV in the country – Honda Fit EV

by bharat

It’s very difficult to bag the most efficient electric vehicles title these days when just about every manufacturer is releasing one EV after another. But Honda has managed to impress the customers in select California and Oregon markets with its first 2013 Fit EV revealed with 118 MPGe rating. The car bags the title because it is believed to consume 29 kWh of electricity per 100 miles and can fully charge in under 3 hours; now please shut your gaping mouth! It not the cheapest EV though, like all the others the Fit EV too is priced very exuberantly, it’s twice the price of its gasoline-powered model. Now, you can guess why the EVs haven’t become a rage that it should have become.

We learn that the Honda Fit EV is expected to hit the markets later in the year and for now is available on a three year lease at $389 per month. Matt and Becky Walton from Ventura County, California are the first husband-and-wife duo to have a Fit EV delivered at the door step.


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