AMD stunned after Iran’s claim that they used the companies products for, ‘you know what’

by Gareth Mankoo

I wouldn’t touch this one with a 50 foot pole but it’s one little 3 letter entry that hit me hard on the head. AMD. Yes! The company has found itself in an absurd situation, in which some dudes from Iran go about telling everyone how cool their processors are and how helpful they are when rigged into a 216 Opteron core super computer. And if, what we all fear is true, we will soon taste some missile powder, controlled by our very own AMD. This sure is scary. The folks at AMD are investigating how these chips go into the country in the first place, since, according to them, there aren’t supposed to have been any shipments of the CPUs into Iran in the first place. What really makes the geek giggle is the crude way the Iranians put together a machine of the sort. Even if the end of days is nearing, they’re still in a very hilarious manner.