AMD steps into RAM market with Radeon DIMMs

by ruchi

AMD has long been in the business of creating impressive processors and with its acquisition of ATI in 2006, it also did an excellent job in the graphics segment too. The company is now entering into the RAM market with Radeon. They will be soon selling their own modules branded as Radeon, just like the way they’re doing it for AMD’s GPUs. There are going tobe three variant namely Entertainment, ULTRA PRO Gaming and Enterprise, with all of them sporting the same density of 2GB and DDR3 standard.

The Entertainment series is 1333MHz and the ULTRA PRO Gaming series is 1600MHz with respective timings of 9-9-9 and 11-11-11. Needless to say AMD claims that their memory module will work best with their APU and CPU systems. The pricing and availability is for US markets are not yet known but is selling individual Entertainment modules at CAD $19.99, with a $10 instant rebate. Radeon memory had also hit Japanese shelves for more or less the same price.