AMD FX-9590 is world’s first 5GHz clocked CPU for consumers

by Gareth Mankoo

Speed is something we will never see an end of, in computing at least. So when we draw yet another benchmark about the gleaming head of the all new AMD FX-9590, there’s more hope fueled than thirst quenched. The company names this Max Turbo powered CPU as the world’s first processor to be clocked at 5GHz. Following closely behind at 4.7GHz is yet another speedster, in the FX-9370. Both processors are based on pile driver architecture and pack 8 cores, much to the delight of power-lusting gamers. To further optimize the performance of all CPU cores, both these processors come with AMD Turbo Core 3.0. We are looking at an age where gaming will mainly constitute graphical advancements, with 4K games in the pipeline and accommodating consoles that make these greedy dreams a reality. It won’t be long before CPU performance matches up as well. So, we could say that AMD are playing a wise card here.

There is no word on the release, detailed specifications or price of the AMD FX-9590 and the FX-9370. Currently, they are only available through system integrators such as MAINGEAR SHIFT gaming desktops.

[Via – Hothardware]