Amazon Tablet by Samsung expected end of summer

by Shalu Pillai

The much touted Amazon Android tablet continues is expected to come out of the house of Samsung. According to a report by Forrestor analyst Sarah Rotman Epps, an Amazon tablet will face-off the iPad 2 , because Amazon has the ability to compete on price subsidized by its content offering, and on distribution. It is an interesting relationship, since the Korean company, who are the main component suppliers for Apple are about to embark on a massive legal battle with them, while Amazon has been quietly building up its arsenal to battle against Apple and the other tablet makers. Amazon recently unveiled its Amazon Appstore for Android apps, with exclusive rights with the Angry Birds Rio title. Besides a less-spam Amazon Appstore, Amazon can now distribute to its own tablet. They already boast of a popular e-books delivery platform for the Kindle and have also switched on a video streaming service for its Amazon Prime subscribers. There are further plans to add their Amazon Cloud Player streaming service announced late last month, which is an online digital media locker that can store and share music, video, documents, and photos.

That’s a lot more on the plate for Amazon, who is looking to bring its tablet by end of summer. Watch out Apple!
[Slash Gear]