Amadana Portable DVD Player

by Dhiram Shah

A sleek looking DVD player in the market comes from the house of Amadana. The exterior finish had a total bamboo look because it is made from laminated bamboo! Equipped with 10-inch-wide LCD, the largest among the portable types it displays TFT Active Matrix 1,150,000 pixels with progressive scanning. With a large, high-definition LCD, you can enjoy the beautiful images on the portable player. Amadana portable DVD player supports the Dolby Digital sound system, recreating realistic sounds such as a roaring waterfall or the sound of a gun, making you live the moment. Laminated bamboo is used for its body giving it a natural look. It is equipped with 6 input-output terminals, such as audio input/output terminals, digital output, and S-video output; you can enjoy movies and music by connecting it to your audio system. It is also equipped with 2 headphone terminals, so you can enjoy a theater experience just for two

The Portable DVD Player from Amadana costs about $1200. Also available are four different colored carrying cases for it: Red, Yellow, Dark Brown, and Beige.
Via – Luxurylaunches

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