Alternate therapy- Window to power PC and Cell Phone

by yogesh

Innovations and inventions can make a person go far into the psyche and come out with some of the most amazing solutions for a wants. Tokyo-based Nihon Telecommunication System Inc. has invented windowpanes that come built with photovoltaic cells. The energy produced by these cells is enough to power a PC or charge a cellphone. That’s not much at the moment, but I’m sure another brain wave will hit and more gadgets will be included. The electricity is transferred via USB. Apparently on sunny days, the windowpanes generate up to 70 watts of electricity per square meter of glass. The solar cells have a power generation efficiency of 7 to 8%. Due to the thickness of the glass (10.5mm) up to 90% of sunlight is prevented from coming into a room and thus reducing air conditioning costs.

Nihon Telecommunication System charges about $1,900 per square meter for the windowpane and expects to sell 10,000 windowpanes annually.

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