All-in-one microUSB speaker for your lappy from Edifier

by Gareth Mankoo

Whatever you do with the software, you laptop speakers just cannot live up to the pressures of good music output. So, we have speakers like Edifier that sound good, do not occupy more space and simply clip on to your laptop. They connect via microUSB and are available as
two different sets. The first being the clip-ons mentioned before and the sound bars that emanate some heart-warming tones. Together, the all-in-one package is labeled as Sound To Go. If you aren’t too eager about sacrificing your USB ports to speakers then you can try out the
auxiliary 3.5mm port.

At the end of the day you’re left wanting it and then the price tag announces a mere $55. And oh, the 3.5 makes it not-only-for-laptops.

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