All terrain wheelchair could reduce paralyzed blues

by mohsin

The deadly illness known as Lou Gehrig’s disease paralyzed Travis Watkin’s dad to a wheelchair but he with the help of a Southwest Florida university and fellow students, built an Off-Road Wheelchair for his dad to explore the beach. Watkins, 28, wanted to solve the problem faced by many wheelchair bound people, i.e. the ability to take a walk on the beach or any place where the ground is uneven. Christopher Rhoades, a 19-year-old freshman, who has a progressive form of muscular dystrophy has tried the new wheelchair and was visibly ecstatic in riding off the campus. He was able to jump off the sidewalk and ride the wheelchair into the campus grass while increasing his speed.

The OFF-Road wheelchair will soon be available from the University of South Florida spin off company Rehab Ideas for around $4,495. It is a steep price but judging that a disabled person will have one less thing to worry about it sounds like it’s going to be worth it.

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