All new Segway Robot Task Force designed is capable of dealing with bombs, riots and fires!

by Gareth Mankoo

Something rather revolutionary has taken place at the 2009 Robubusiness conference in Boston that may be the final realization of the concept of Robocop. The first of the two robots specializes in bomb diffusing, and it does so with surgical precision. This robot comprises of a wheeled platform called Segway’s RMP 50 Omni which has M7 telesurgery unit from SRI mounted on it. The twin arms work themselves into the circuitry of the bomb to render it useless and save some lives. Pretty interesting. Feels just like I’m in some real world FPS game simulation. The second robot on the other hand knows no precision. It’s made to deals with the tough ones and can move around at speeds of 18 mph! This one is trained to fight forest fires. This is achieved with a powerful water hose that’s connected to the rear of the vehicle. So it makes it pretty tempting for the police force to use this one in riot situations. Atleast a hurled brick won’t cause it to get wounded.

There’s a whole testing procedure that’s still supposed to get underway so there’s not chance of us getting any details of pricing any time soon. However, we can expect it to cause a wave of panic in the minds of those whose jobs it will take away.

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