All it takes is an SMS to file taxes in Sweden

by Dhiram Shah

What I hate about taxes other than paying it in the first place is the paperwork and complications involved with the process. However the latter is not the case in Sweden. To file taxes in Sweden all you need to do is open a new text message, enter your Social Security number and a security code sent to you by mail, and zip it off to the Department of the Treasury.
This is how lots of Swedish people will file their income taxes in May, as they have for the last five years. So what’s the downside?
What Swedes actually do with their cell phone is sign a tax declaration that has already been prepared by the country’s tax authority, officially called Skatteverket. It already knows everything about Swedish taxpayers’ income–from a range of sources.
Taxpayers can only sign their forms via text (the number’s 71144) if they accept all the Skatteverket’s calculations and if–to the great joy of the agency–they renounce all deductions.

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