All aboard the Google Train, next stop Google TV

by Shayne Rana

It’s getting increasingly harder to keep to track of the venues Google is entering this year. From launching their very own mobile handset to going into the ISP provisioning market and the addition of a shopping option in their search functionality and even being able to buy and sell electricity (???) they’re now entering into the TV division. If you’re thinking we’ll see a Google branded TV, that’s not exactly accurate. What the search giant is getting into is a tie up with companies like DISH Network that’s going to use a Google as a platform or as a search algorithm. The big players like Intel, Google, Sony and Logitech all seem to be getting on board; at least that’s what some reports say. Since Google loves to make things easy, the system will be readily available for third party developers to show off their skills in this arena.

This system will apparently be installed into new set top boxes manufactured by the various companies. Next stop Google TV.