Alienware and JINS PC devise eyewear that cuts down eye-strain for ardent gamers

by Gareth Mankoo

Gaming’s good in many aspects. It makes you sharper, enhances your reflexes, keeps you alert, helps decision-making and completely sets you apart in geek conversations. But then there’s the downside. Besides the painful wrist injuries is something more permanent and prevalent. Eyestrain has forever haunted leagues of gamers. The culprit is high-energy visible light, known as HEV light that is responsible for retinal injury. Gaming rig manufacturers Alienware have tied up with JINS PC to develop special eyewear, targeted at ardent gamers and those who spend a majority of their time before screens, to help reduce the impact of the HEV light. These cut down about 50 percent of the harmful light and fit quite comfortably. They are available in red and blue shades and can be worn under headphones without causing any discomfort.

It’s good to know that a retailer of the likes of Alienware is reaching out to gamers in a whole new avatar. Now that we are convinced of the noble gesture we hope that they dish these out for free with their high-end machines. The new glasses will launch in Japan this August.





[Via – Rocketnews24]