Alarm Clock Will Startle You Out of Bed as It Pelts You With a Flying Ball

by iona

At newlaunches we are great fans of funky alarm clocks – whether it be the alien alarm clock, which lets you zap the nasty aliens sent to wake you up, the Darth Vadar alarm clock, that casts Darth’s shadow on the wall to scare you into jumping out of bed, or the world’s loudest alarm clock, with two 140 db speakers that were more likely to permanently deafen you than just wake you up. Now I am happy to being you news of an alarm clock that believes physical attack is the best way to rouse you from sleep. The Aphelion clock includes an arm-like device and a ball, so that – you’ve guessed it – when the alarm rings, the ball is flung at you. If you want to snooze a little longer, you will have to get out of bed and replace the ball in its holder, by which time you are out of bed already and may as well get ready for the day ahead. The clock also includes the standard radio and MP3 player input, and in case you get the ball in your eye, a nice big time display so you can still see past the swelling.

At present, the Aphelion is still an idea. Let’s hope it stays that way.