Airbus takes a cue from Wonder Woman, possible invisible planes in 2050

by Shayne Rana

Just a little while back, in July of this year in fact, Airbus was talking about the planes of the future and what they’d be like. They were talking about how we could expect the technology get quieter and lighter as well as being far more advanced obviously in other aspects. The latest from Airbus is that come 2050 (give or take a few years) we could see (or not rather) invisible planes… Uh Oh, Wonder Woman is going to have something to say about that. Well the truth is it might not be the entire aircraft but more like the fuselage. Researchers have thought of a concept wherin they’d bombard a plane’s ceramic-skinned fuselage with electric current to render it ‘invisible’. The thing is, I don’t see any real future for a plane like this unless it’s being used for military purposes and that has me worried. How about you?

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