Airbus shows what planes of the future will be like, super advanced, lightweight and quiet

by Dhiram Shah

Airbus, those high-flyers, have just showcased a fantasy-like aircraft of what they’re planes of future will be like. Obviously they’ll be much sleeker than the bulky models we see today. Not only that, but we can expect them to be lighter as well. From the design we can see bent-back wings and a U-shaped tail, I’m no aeronautics expert but they do add a bit of a funky vibe to this ultra cool looking aircraft. The planes body will also be designed to reduce its own carbon footprint and be as environmentally friendly as possible by burning less fuel, producing fewer emissions, and making less sound. Even the seats would be made of materials that would not only retain your body’s shape but also be self-cleaning. Solar fuel cells etc. were also mentioned amongst other advanced features.

If things are on track, their R&D just might have these fantastic planes up and flying by 2030, well latest by 2050. Of course by then I’m hoping I’d have my own flying car, and my grandkids as chauffeurs.

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