Airbus planes to give passengers a better glimpse of heaven in 2050

by Gavril Mankoo

We’ve all tried peeping out through those crummy windows airplanes have, trying to get a glimpse of heaven while flying. And given the fact that the airplane manufacturers chose to keep the windows small for multiple reasons, up-in-the-air views are barely half as enjoyable as they really could be. Airbus plans to give fliers a better glimpse of the world outside from their aircraft seats in the future and come 2050, aircrafts might just lose most of their body to make way for glass! Possibly a nightmare for those with a fear of flying, the Airbus 2050 will also sport a full-fledged bar for passengers to socialize and holographic pop-up gaming display as well!

And if all that wasn’t enough, the future Airbus’ will also use walls that change color with outdoor lighting conditions and human body-heat powered entertainment systems! Finally, flying won’t remain an affair of drowning in the snores of your co-passengers.
Via – [Luxurylaunches]

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