Airbus A350 Business class gets 60GB PMP

by Dhiram Shah

Earlier we showed you concept interiors for the Economy section of the Airbus A350, now we have the interior design for the business class of the A350. Countour’s premium seats will be used which offer an additional 10% bed surface area over that of other similar products. An interesting addition will be the digEplayer XT which has a 8-inch TFT which offers true DVD-quality video and crisp, clear text and graphics. It will have an integrated credit card swipe, 60GB or larger hard drive, USB 2.0 port and two independently controlled headphone mini-jacks passengers add to each passenger’s listening and viewing pleasure. The addition of optional 802.11 a/b/g wireless facilitates uploads of movies, TV sitcoms, games, audio, credit card transactions, usage statistics, and more.
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Mood lighting settings to transform from daytime to nightime.
Sky projected on the roof.
digEplayer XT PMP

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