Air New Zealand Introduces Cuddle Class Seating for Couples

by iona

Members of the mile-high club may meet this next news with disappointment that their sexy activities may not be so illicit anymore. Air New Zealand has started offering their more tactile of customers “cuddle class”, so that loved ones can lie together on flights. “Cuddle class” is basically a whole row of seats, which you can purchase, lift up the armrests and lie across in discomfort, but alongside your darling. The upgraded seating configuration is available on Air New Zealand’s Boeing 777-300 planes, on selected flights, and at an extra charge. But what price is love? Also good for single people, “cuddle class” could be a definite winner if you are single and end up sitting next to a hottie on your flight.

Seats in “cuddle class” will cost the price of two standard economy seats plus half-price for the third seat in the row.