Air-conditioning cushion from Japan can heat your bottoms dry

by Gareth Mankoo

Nishikawa Sangyo is a name you may take a while getting familiarized with. However, what will make it a household name is its cool attributes. The air-conditioned cushion will arrive with a cigar socket adapter and USB cable that will also offer heating to your frozen bottoms. The wonderful truth is that the cushion is so solidly built that it manages to emit its heat blasts even when you are seated above it. That’s without mentioning the weight that it can hold. In addition to the adapter you can also use it with four AA batteries (which are not included in the kit). This means that you can take it with you wherever you go and ensure that your perch is the most conducive throne for your pampered little behinds. The cushion is hygienic to use, thanks to the antibacterial deodorization processing and washable surface.

Nishikawa Sangyo will be launched this month itself, for 7,000 Yen ($68). It offers two stages of cooling, namely strong and weak.


[Via – Impress]

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