Aiptek MobileCinema D20 Boombox does videos too

by Gareth Mankoo

When I would read about boomboxes, back in the day when we’d only speculate about the coming of a phenomenal tablet from the house of Apple (yes, that long ago), the only image of the media device would be one that would enable entertainment on the go. That’s pretty much what the Aiptek MobileCinema D20 Boombox is all about, plus a gazillion time more features. It packs a projector so that you can also enjoy videos while you’re out. The biggest it can take your images to, before fading out, is a healthy 75 inches. It also packs USB, SD and MMC card support. It also adds a FreeView TV DVB-T service.

All in all, the D20 can pass as a brilliant upgrade from the conventional boombox. $360.

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