Aiptek announces photo frame of the future with 3D image and video support

by Shayne Rana

For those of you who wish to own a 3D camcorder or digicam, I’m sure you’ve wondered what to do with all that 3D data. Of course transferring them to your PC is a must, but what’s the use of not being able to flaunt them openly. Well Aiptek has just the ticket, with their i2 3D Camcorder; they intend to launch a 3D enabled digital photo frame as well. The frame will be loaded with a 7-inch parallax LCD display that is capable of displaying photos and videos captured by the i2 (or other 3D device). It’s not out yet and is due to hit shelves on August 15. It’ll bear a price tag of about $200 (US)The camcorder is also priced at $200. So the full 3D package to capture and display will set you back $400.