Agent Smith from the Matrix showcases GE Medical’s prowess in new ads

by Gareth Mankoo

Healthcare has always been in dire need of stronger software and hardware backing to move swiftly through recovery procedures and basic operations. GE has shed light on this topic by introducing the concept of ‘being at many places at once’, and who better than Agent Smith from the Matrix to speak of the deed. Hugo Weaving immortalized himself with the role of the agent in the movie franchise and now he’s here with a more realistic solution. GE’s message is about their software being so capable that it can reduce waiting time in a hospital drastically and speed up operations through seamless connectivity. The “Brilliant Machines” campaign uses the sci-fi theme portray GE’s prowess.

The ad brings in the element of emotional connect and empathy towards patients without making it too gimmicky. In the end, the man himself makes the offer to a young patient, though a lollipop it may be.

[Via – Cnet]

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