Aeryon Scout quadrotor, hovers and captures images from difficult hard to reach places

by yogesh

The Aeryon Scout is a new invention from Aeryon Labs of Waterloo. The prototype features four connected foam rings, each 30 centimeters in diameter and with a rotor inside. After a year’s of research, the end result sees four –rings with a camera in its under-belly. The “quadrotor” is controlled with a remote control and can fly into places where it’s too difficult, dangerous or time-consuming for people to go to take pictures. Aeryon’s prototype is almost ready for testing and is hoping to garner interest with police forces, security companies and surveying and engineering firms. The device can also be used to inspect power lines, bridges and crops. However regulations remain a major source of concern.

Customers need a Transport Canada certificate for each flight or series of flights. Rules are even stricter in the U.S., although regulators in both countries are considering reforms. If my guess is right, then the paparazzi will be queuing out first for this device. Brangelina Beware!

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