Aeroscraft ML866 aircraft is truly distinctive mode of transport

by deepa

What do you think this Aeroscraft ML866 is…….a blimp or an aircraft? For the facts, it is an ideal combination of both and uses best of them. And if you are wondering if this whale-like zeppelin is just another concept then you are mistaken. Aeroscraft ML866 aircraft by Aeros is waiting to be launched at the NBAA 60th Annual Meeting & Convention in September, 2007 in Atlanta. However speed (120 knots top speed ) is not its main selling point. But its highlight is that it can take off vertically, without taking up runway time at crowded airports. Furthermore it makes up for it with space and luxury appointments, including a computerized office, videoconferencing capability, an advanced communications package, transformable interior, personal state room and a physical conference space. The Aerocraft boasts an interior of more than 5,000 square feet and can carry up to 100 people.

Pricing wasn’t immediately known!
Via – Luxurylaunches

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