Aerielle’s i2i Stream allows you to share to music with friends

by yogesh

The i2i Stream Digital Music Broadcaster is one fundoo device, it allows you to use any music source (MP3 player, home stereo, computer) and broadcast it between two or more i2i Stream devices. The device comes to us from the house of Aerielle Inc., whom we know better for engineering FM transmitters for Kensington, iRiver, and SanDisk. This technology takes advantage of the wireless 2.4 GHz frequency range, removing the need for Bluetooth compatibility, and offering a range of 30 feet. Each i2i Stream also comes with its own independent volume control plus a USB-rechargeable battery offering up to 7 hours of playback.

Aerielle’s i2i stream allows CD-quality wireless sound to be shared between an unlimited numbers of users. It is available online in pairs for $129, or individually for $69.

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