Advanced Levitating Millennium Falcon model created by ardent Japanese Star Wars fan

by Shilpa Chatterjee

To celebrate the new Star Wars film Rogue One that released this December, ardent Japanese Star Wars fan and Twitter user @HanakiMasatoshi decided to build a neat, cutting-edge model of the Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon, and introduced a twist to the model. What gives this model an edge over other models that other fans have built over years? – Well, this one levitates.

This brilliant effect was made possible by @HanakiMasatoshi by using a magnetic levitation system that allows the object to hover 2.8 inches above its base. The system has been created by Crealev, a Dutch company.

This happens to be the second time this Japanese creative genius has showcased his smart levitating creations by building a floating reproduction of Han Solo’s prized possession. Last year, he built a smaller model that levitated at a slightly lower height – timing his first state-of-the-art creation to release around the debut of The Force Awakens.

The Star Wars franchise plans to release a new film every year in December, at least for the next three years. This hopefully means that @HanakiMasatoshi’s flying fan tributes will accordingly be updated every year at the corresponding time. Let’s wait and watch!