Adidas Originals HD220 and CX310 from Sennheiser look cool and sound good too

by Shayne Rana

One of the major collaborations between sports companies and tech manufacturers has been in the headphones/earphones division, after all who doesn’t love listening to music while working out these days am I right? So the latest from big name headphones slash earphone makes Sennheiser is another collaboration with renowned sports apparel designers adidas under their adidas Originals branding – the HD220 headphones and the CX310 in-ear earphones. The first set i.e. the HD220 take their cue from their predecessors the HD218 and have a similar closed-back on-ear styling. They’re equipped with neodymium magnets, a closed supra-aural design and individually adjustable ear cups. So we’re not just talking comfortable wearing but clean cut audio tones as well. The CX310 comes with a variety of sized earpieces to suite all ears. Both sets of audio equipment are bundled with neat little pouches for toting them around in and also carry the same price tag of $65.