Adidas unveils the Springblade Razor running shoes with blade technology

by Gavril Mankoo

Developing a shoe that’s comfortable and doesn’t lead you to compromise on your speed as you blaze down a racetrack isn’t child’s play. Sportswear manufacturer Adidas understands this and has put its mind and soul into developing a pair of shoes with a design unlike any the world has seen before. The first running shoes to sport blade technology, Adidas unveiled the first version of the Springblade just last year. The successor of one of 2013’s best running shoes is here, christened the Springblade Razor. Just like its predecessor, the Razor also uses blade technology that propels a wearer’s foot forwards. Apart from that, the new Springblade Razor also includes a unique web design over sock-like Techfit technology that helps your feet breathe easily and stay put.

Each shoe sports 16 individually tuned blades that adapt to running environments and compress and release energy. This simply gives a wearer’s foot a “spring-like” effect that aides in increasing speed. The Springblade Razor is easily one of the most advanced running shoes that are available today and have been developed after hours of research and precision manufacturing. Available in a bunch of colors to suit your taste, the Springblade Razor comes with an accompanying price tag of $180.



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