ADATA Launches New Generation of Industrial-Grade DDR5 Memory

by dhiram

ADATA today announces the launch of a new generation of industrial-grade DDR5 memory modules that offer a major leap forward in performance. They are geared toward assisting the development of 5G, AI, Edge Computing, High-Performance Computing, Automated Vehicles, and Smart Healthcare, to name a few. ADATA industrial-grade DDR5 memory modules comes with 30ยต PCB gold plating for improved signal transmission reliability; anti-sulfuration protection, and conformal coating technology for resilience against pollution, dust, and humidity. The modules utilize select high-quality ICs straight from the manufacturer and will come with capacities of 8GB and above.

ADATA industrial-grade DDR5 memory modules are equipped with Power Management ICs (PMIC), which move power management functionality from motherboards to memory modules. This allows for more efficient adjustment of voltage for enhanced stability and performance. The modules sport Thermal Sensor technology and on-die error correcting code to prevent overheating and maintain stable and accurate signal transmissions.The modules can be equipped with other value-added features according to specific needs.

ADATA DDR5 memory modules are the first to be unveiled for industrial-grade applications and will begin mass-production in Q4 2021. In addition to the existing specifications, ADATA looks to offer modules with other specifications such as R-DIMM, ECC, VLP DIMM, and wide-temperature series to meet the diverse needs of different applications and customers

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