Acer ultrabooks to come with fiber glass casings

by ruchi

Acer is planning to give Apple some cutthroat competition in the area of ultrabooks by unveiling 15-inch models which use cheaper fiberglass and not aluminum to get that leverage of light weight. On the other hand, ASUS is expected to do the same and is even going to procure fiberglass from the same supplier, Mitac Precision Technology.

Acer was supposed to unveil their models in Q4 2011 but owing to unfavorable market conditions, it has pushed the launch to 2012. The use of fiber glass will cut down the case prices by at least $5-$10 and as much as $20 for the whole package. We don’t have an exact word on pricing at the moment but the companies might to cut bigger corners to go well below Apple’s $999 pricing.
Via: DigiTimes

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