Abu Dhabi Skyscrapers Go Eco-Friendly With Honeycomb Wrap

by iona

It is unusual to hear of a development in the Middle East that is environmentally conscious and not just for show, but maybe times are changing. This latest office from Abu Dhabi boasts state of the art technology, cutting edge 21st century design and a cooling system to reduce energy consumption. OK, so the offices are a stonking great 25 feet high, and will guzzle a huge amount of energy, but the honeycomb-style screen they are wrapped is designed to offset the towers’ energy needs – just a little. The screen, which will adorn the buildings from head to toe, contains photovoltaic systems at the top, which will help reduce the buildings’ cooling needs and energy consumption.

Presuming construction runs according to schedule, the towers are due to be up and ready for use by the Abu Dhabi Investment Council by 2012.

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