Aakash: World’s cheapest tablet from India

by Gareth Mankoo

We’ve been sweating with attempts to drive the life into some astonishing wishlists that demand that we bring in some tablet that can be affordable as well as serve many purposes. As a blessing, we came across the world’s cheapest tablet, promised to be delivered by India. This cool tablet is expected to have all it takes to ensure that your budget is taken care of, sans disappointment. The Aakash tablet packs an in-built cellular SIM and a cellular modem that takes care of all possible data needs. The modem and SIM options are set to take you to the binds of a good choice and leave you there, spoilt for choice.

Both versions of the Aakash table will run Android and will also offer a fair deal of wonders. What you can expect is 256MB RAM, 32GB storage space, and a pair of USB ports. It will be available by the first week of December for a price between $35 and $60.

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