A touch, a kiss and a blow – from your cell phone

by Shalu Pillai

The next time you’re feeling low and want some TLC, grab your phone! From auditory sensations to virtual romance, now it’s all about the touch. Speaking at a TED event in Berlin, design researcher, Fabian Hemmert showed off three cell phone prototypes that would put the “touch” back in “keeping in touch.” This one of a kind application replicates touch by using a small motor attached to a cord that applies pressure to the back of the user’s hand. Another cell phone simulates moisture using a wet sponge inside of the device that pushes against your lips. The last phone demonstrated blows a puff of air onto your neck or ear.

Hemmert thinks that the physicality of telecommunications will be very important in the future.
While kissing yourself might sound slightly dull, if rumour mills are to be believed, next in line is an application that will let you exploit your sexual pleasures! Watch this space!

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