A toothpaste to forecast the weather?

by Shalu Pillai

Who would have thought the toothpaste could do the job of a weather reporter!
The intellects at MIT have managed to make your dull morning chore more exciting, by allowing a tube of toothpaste to alter its taste with the weather. After launching a wallet that gets fatter and thinner in proportion to your checking account, the toothpaste called “Tastes Like Rain” is part of MITs mission to convert simple objects to communicate simple and relevant information. How does it work? With the help of a little computer installed in the dispenser that checks the Internet for the day’s weather, and mixes several flavors of toothpaste accordingly. For warmer days, expect a cinnamon flavour, for cooler, some mint. A blue stripe indicates rain and I guess a bland-regular-toothpaste means, ‘none of the above’.

If you live in a country that has year-round sunshine, this might mean an end to those gorgeous Cinnabons!

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