A tiny robot invented to crawl through your veins

by monali

Scientists from Israel’s Technion University have just created a technological marvel. They have created a tiny one millimeter robot made using Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology that is able to crawl through a person’s veins to diagnose and potentially treat artery blockage and cancer. This seems like a boon to medicine as doctors will now be able to treat patients without cutting them open or sticking cameras up unmentionable places. This mini bot does not have any engines and works with the help of magnetic field wielded on it from outside the patient’s body. This also makes sure that the bot doesn’t die of battery in the middle of a critical medical procedure. This little marvel is capable of with standing strong blood flow and also has outstretched arms to grip on the vessels walls. It sounds creepy but this bot sure gets the job done. As if that was not enough, the researchers are now planning to equip this bot with tiny tools and camera’s too.
[PC Authority]

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