A storage solution for all your gaming tools

by Gareth Mankoo

Whether they’re game controllers or the dodgy guitar that comes along with Guitar Hero, you can well make the most of all of these at a single stop at home. Bring home the Level Up storage towers that safely stove away your controllers so that you do not misplace them between sofa cushions, atop the refrigerator, by the flush or any other place that leaves you engrossed enough to neglect your toys. Besides controllers and accessories you can also store your game discs on the racks, thanks to the ribbed pattern on it.

The towers will be available in four different versions to suit your game rigs. These will be the Alloy for PlayStation, Zig-Zag for XBOX 360, Aperture for Wii and Trideca for Wii. There’s no word on the pricing as yet.