A Scale To Measure Attractiveness

by yogesh

We have all been there, done that – staring at the pretty damsels who trot around college. I remember the day we decided to hold up numbered cards that would indicate the way the rate the girls passing our lane. Someone’s got a similar idea but has put it to better use and has come up with a software that rates people’s faces based on how attractive they are. One Amit Kagian from TAU has programmed software that can judge who looks good and who doesn’t based on esthetic judgment. In the tests that were held to check for the functionality of the software, some 30 individuals were subjected to the test and were rated on a scale of 1-7. A mere hack into the parameters needed to rate a person can lead to the deception of the software. Let’s hope it doesn’t enter mainstream modeling.

The result of the earlier tests made quite a startling statement. The faces that were adjudged to be beautiful were just average faces that didn’t have singularly noticeable features. Beauty lies in simplicity after all, doesn’t it?

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