A plug-in Hummer H3 Range-Extended Electric Vehicle for cleaner drive

by deepa

Hummer is all set to put all an end to its non-eco-friendly image. Known as a gas guzzling beast, the Hummer H3 is going in for a green makeover. FEV and Raser Technologies have teamed up to unveil a HUMMER plug-in hybrid. The Hummer H3 Range-Extended Electric Vehicle (ReEV) will be the first vehicle equipped with Raser’s range-extended electric vehicle technology based on a full-sized SUV. It is designed to render more than 40 miles per day with an efficiency of more than 100 mpg. Raser’s 200 kW traction motor along with a 4-speed automatic transmission will provide the necessary thrust. The green beast will be unveiled at the upcoming 2009 SAE World Congress, Detroit.
Via – Greenlaunches

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