A one-night-stand in a Cold War aircraft?

by Gareth Mankoo

Cold War aircrafts weren’t really designed for the purpose that they’re serving here. None the less, this is what 2010 made of it. This East German aircraft has been revamped into something more than luxurious. In fact, it totally swoon the luxury-smitten-holiday freak. With a fantastic décor on the inside, the aircraft manages to gel together all the niceness of three flat screen televisions, a Blu-ray player, a Jacuzzi and sauna, all under one ‘roof’. One end of the plane is the rather unnecessary cockpit while the other end is a massive bed that can bed more than two. There isn’t anything better you can gift your history freak of a wife.

This may cost you a hell lot but even the fear of flying is taken care of. This one never leaves the goddamn ground! Find it at the Teuge airport in the Netherlands.

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