A Dial (Phone) that can be worn!

by Gareth Mankoo

Talk about getting retro and totally swanky at the same time and here’s how to do it. You needn’t break your head over something that’s not fitting into your purse or seems too buldgy in your pockets, simply wear this phone around your wrist and you’re as good as can be. The Dial (Phone) concept brings back the dial that’s almost extinct by now. Thanks to some cool consideration for the need of retro designs, we have gadgets as cool as these coming out. Though you may not see any numbers on this one, you can simply use it by removing it and placing it on your palm top or any flat surface and moving your finger over the numbers that are formed by a projected light.

We still use the words ‘dial’ or ‘dialing’, even on cool new touch phones that seem to be pouring in like anything. It’s good that we finally have a phone that will make the use of the word a bit more valid.

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