A young lady’s Samsung Galaxy S3 explodes and catches fire in her pant pocket

by dhiram

It was just another day at work for the 18 year old Swiss Fanny Schlatter, when all of a sudden she heard an explosion and could smell something funny. To her horror her cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy S3 had exploded in her pants and had caught fire. The flames were high enough to reach her shoulder, fortunately the young Swiss woman’s life was spared by her boss’s timely action who ripped her pants. Fanny survived the horrendous ordeal with second and third degree burns to her thigh.

She has taken a sick leave till mid-August to recuperate from the wounds and also filed a complaint against Samsung. Though rare such incidences are very scary as millions of us use smartphones, we keep them next to our bed when we are asleep, on the dashboard when we are driving and we even carry them on planes and trains. Usually the battery is blamed as the cause in such incidences but it will be interesting to see how the story develops further.

Two months back a Redditors Galaxy S3 had caught fire in the middle of the night burning his mattress and pillows.

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