A watch that shoots balloon popping laser beams is here

by Gareth Mankoo

When we first saw the LaserWatch, by one Patrick Priebe, we couldn’t help but wonder how handy it could really prove to be. Not that we’d like threatening people with a slow and painful death, like the one Goldfinger planned for Mr. Bond in ‘Goldfinger’, but we’d sure like to use it to ignite a number of things that needed to be consumed by flames. The LaserWatch is powerful enough to get about popping balloons and lighting matches from a distance of three feet. Well, that’s a lot more assurance than the good old magnifying glass could provide. It doubles up as a rechargeable watch with an LED watch module but really is going to call the 1,500 milliwatt laser its USP. The challenge for those planning to use this in their magic tricks and other vanities is the fact that the duration to conjure this powerful beam is really short, thanks to the battery.

The mounted laser on the watch truly gives you that superhero feel but hey, this isn’t a plaything by far. I bet that suitable cautionary measures shall by duly propagated should this ever hit shelves.

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