A USB powered acupressure headband from Elecom

by Shayne Rana

It’s a well known fact that today’s fast paced mobile community spends quite a bit of time looking into one display type or another in all dimensions – phone, tablet, PC or laptop. This naturally puts a strain on one’s optical senses thereby causing your grey matter quite a bit of stress and no one likes that. There are various exercises and de-stress methods one can utilize to reduce this, but Elecom has devised a technological solution that works on a USB plug and play function; say hello to the Ekuria eye fresh headband.

The large bit of headgear is designed specifically to target one’s acupressure points on your head. The band sits over one’s eyes, temples, forehead and goes all the way around over your ears, the back of the head and nape of the neck to help relax the muscles and sooth the day’s stress away. It’s made up of flexible pouches that inflate in specific areas so as to target these points to help ease stress. The beauty of this device is that it’s thoroughly portable and works on a USB enabled power supply and can even hook up to your phone’s battery if need be.
It comes with a storage case to carry it around in, a USB cable and even a wall (AC) adapter. Color options are black and ivory. The Ekuria eye fresh headband will be out sometime in mid-July at a price of about $105 (12,830 yen). While it may seem slightly weird wearing this on your commute home from work, it should nonetheless help relieve your stress, all you have to do is simply not care what people think about your strange headgear.

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