A tour of Tokyo’s Alien like Underground temple drains

by dhiram

Located in Tokyo’s Saitama prefecture is the Metropolitan spillway a 6.5 kms tunnel which runs 50 meters underground. It is one the most massive underground flood management systems in the world. The scale of which can only be judged from the above picture. On November 16th and 17th authorities held tours of the so called Underground Temple drains, needless to say enthusiasts from all over the country flocked for an experience of their life time. A guided tour took the visitors deep inside the drain system and to the pump room which uses massive pumps to pump 200 tons of water second into the Egokawa river.

Though beautiful and very efficient on paper the drain systems $2 billion cost has got a lot of flak from the public which has termed it as excessive spending for an event which may occur every 200 years.








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