A titanium nibbed pen specially created for Manga artists

by Shruti Shree

It has been said that once you have mastered a good dip pen, that’s when you have truly mastered the art of drawing. Japanese leading pen manufacturer Zebra Co. Ltd. is going to launch a new improvised version of G Pen called the “Titanium G Penpuro” for professional cartoonists. The Titanium G Penpuro pen will be four times more durable than the G Pen because of its wear-resistant titanium coating. The manga artists can use this pen to draw lines as thin as 0.285 millimetres! It was possible to draw only 3-4 manuscripts by the G Pen, but with the Titanium G Penpuro, you can draw even more than 10! This pen can also produce much smoother, thinner and more uniform lines than the conventional G Pen. G Pens have been a hot favourite amongst the Manga (Japanese comics) artists ever since they have come out in the market. The nib of the pen is hard, but still doesn’t feel stiff. A unique feature is that you can change the thickness of the line by applying pressure. It also holds a decent amount of ink at a time which means you don’t have to keep dipping which in turn saves time and effort. Additionally, these pens are easy to use and look beautiful too.

Titanium G Penpuro, a new addition in the G Pen family is going to be released in Japan on 26th August and is priced at 2700 Yens for a bottle of ten. Zebra claims that, as the pen is so easy to use, it can be used by amateur illustrators as well as vocational school students. For its promising smooth finish, long lasting capability, and efficiency we think that Manga artists can give it a try even its priced three times more than the conventional G Pen.

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